Friday, 4 November 2016

I did it! I gave my talk!

This is a follow up on my earlier post about learning how to give a technical talk.

I did it! I gave my talk! The feeling of euphoria afterwards was overwhelming and I think I might still be buzzing from the experience.

I wanted to write a mini blog post to say a massive THANKYOU to everyone that came along to the Newcastle Testing meet up on 1st November. It was good to see a mix of both familiar and new faces. Also thank you to Russell & David for organising the evening and thank you to sponsor Sage for providing a steady supply of beer and pizza.

There are a couple of links I would like to share.

Firstly, for anyone interested in attending the Newcastle testing meet up, full details of future meetings can be found at:

Secondly, for anyone that was unable to make the event, I have managed to get my talk & slides uploaded to Youtube here:

Retrospective Thoughts

It felt like the talk went better this time than the previous time I gave it. I know the free beer definitely helped suppress any feelings of anxiety and fear.

I feel exhausted from the journey public speaking has taken me on, but its been worth every moment. I need to take a rest but don't want to lose momentum so I have decided to set myself the following speaking goals for 2017:

  • Give a talk to a larger audience
  • Give a talk that isn't about testing
  • Give a lightning talk at a conference (probably a 99 second talk at a Test Bash event)

Look forward to hopefully seeing you at the next meet up!

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